Terms of Use for FindandFuck.com

Updated 2nd of February 2020

Use of the features and services provided by FINDANDFUCK.COM is contingent upon the user’s agreement to and acceptance of these terms of service. If, at any time, the user does not agree to any given term, he or she must stop using the site immediately. Registering and continuing to use FINDANDFUCK.COM will count as acceptance of all terms of service set forth herein. These terms shall include all necessary information in regard to the following:

  1. Paid Subscriptions
  2. User Content
  3. Third Party Links
  4. Changes to the Terms of Service
  5. Inappropriate Behavior
  6. Account Termination

The user may contact FINDANDFUCK.COM at any time to further clarify these terms or ask any questions. The user is also asked to contact FINDANDFUCK.COM with any information regarding another user violating said terms of service.

Section 1: Paid Subscriptions

FINDANDFUCK.COM shall offer some services on a paid, monthly basis. Billing for these transactions shall be handled by a third party biller. No financial information shall be stored on FINDANDFUCK.COM. It is the responsibility of the third party biller to care for the safety of any and all information. FINDANDFUCK.COM shall not be liable for financial information or billing in any way.

Section 2: User Content

FINDANDFUCK.COM shall allow the user to post and share any pictures, videos, graphics, texts, or audio recordings. The user assumes all liability for the content he or she shares. It is his or her responsibility to protect his or her privacy in these matters.

Section 2a: No persons under the age of 18 shall be allowed on FINDANDFUCK.COM. No images of persons under the age of 18 are allowed to be shared on FINDANDFUCK.COM. Any user found violating these rules shall immediately have his or her account terminated. There shall be no appeals process available after said termination.

Section 3: Third Party Links

No user shall be allowed to post third party links on FINDANDFUCK.COM. However, FINDANDFUCK.COM will post such links from time to time. These links will be used to share products and services of interest. The safety of these links is not guaranteed by FINDANDFUCK.COM. The user must assume all responsibility when following third party links.

Section 4: Changes to the Terms of Service

FINDANDFUCK.COM now and always shall reserve the right to modify the terms of service listed herein. FINDANDFUCK.COM will make the user aware of said changes at the time of their implementation.

Section 5: Inappropriate Behavior

The following acts are not permitted by FINDANDFUCK.COM:

  1. By using FINDANDFUCK.COM, user agrees to NOT impersonate any other person, living or dead.
  2. User MAY NOT make false statement about any other person or organization.
  3. User MAY NOT share any content of any other person with or without their consent.
  4. User MAY NOT share any viruses or similar programs.
  5. User MAY NOT share any content that is illegal, harmful or discriminatory in any way. Discrimination is hereby stated as related to age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or gender identity. 
  6. User MAY NOT share any surveys or contests.
  7. User MAY NOT harass any other person or organization on FINDANDFUCK.COM.
  8. User MAY NOT use any other person’s account or profile for any reason.
  9. User MAY NOT share account information or profile with any other person for any reason.

Section 6: Account Termination

User access is always at the will of FINDANDFUCK.COM. It retains the right to cancel such access at any time with no prior warning. FINDANDFUCK.COM shall hold no accountability in these matters. There shall be no appeals process made available to the user after account termination.