Privacy Statement for

Updated 2nd of February 2020

At no point shall FINDANDFUCK.COM share the personal financial information of its users for personal gain. This website is beholden to the rules and regulations set forth in the Data Protection Act of 1998 (DPA) and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The following policy will inform the users of his or her security.


The creation of a profile on this site acts as an agreement to the privacy policy of FINDANDFUCK.COM. If the user does not agree, he or she must exit this site immediately.

Information Collection

User information shall be collected by FINDANDFUCK.COM when he or she registers, subscribes, or creates a profile. Information shall also be collected at any time the user uploads or disseminates any photos or videos.

Use of Information

Any and all user information stored on this site shall be used to improve the user experience on FINDANDFUCK.COM, process transactions, provide customer service, personalize user experience on the site, encourage users to interact, investigate complaints, and provide the user with information regarding products or services. The user agrees to all of this by using the website.

Protection of Information

FINDANDFUCK.COM implements encryption values, firewalls, and software to keep all user information safe.


This website is strictly for the use of persons over the age of 18. If any user is found to be below the age of consent, said user will immediately be banned and all information and media shall be deleted.


All information provided by users shall be published immediately. No other warning shall be given. Publishing is done at the discretion of the user. All users maintain the right to change or delete any published information at any time.

Non-personal information

FINDANDFUCK.COM reserves the right to share any and all non-personal information with third party organizations. Any of this sharing shall be at the consent of FINDANDFUCK.COM. No user shall be allowed to compile any information on other users with third parties without the express written consent of FINDANDFUCK.COM. Any user found violating this rule will immediately be banned.

Information Storage

Any information collected by FINDANDFUCK.COM may be stored on computers or servers outside of the user’s jurisdiction. Reasonable steps shall be taken to ensure the security of this information.


All payments for the services provided by FINDANDFUCK.COM shall be handled by third party billers. No details for these payments shall be stored on FINDANDFUCK.COM or any of its servers. It is the responsibility of these third party billers to provide a safe and secure environment for all sensitive information. These third parties are required to, and will adhere to, any and all standards set forth by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Council. FINDANDFUCK.COM shall bear no responsibility for dishonest or fraudulent charges made to the user’s financial institutions at any time.


Any and all questions about this privacy policy may be sent to FINDANDFUCK.COM. Use accepts that any correspondence will be made through electronic mail. Users may contact FINDANDFUCK.COM at any time and at their own discretion.